World’s Largest Vessel in South Korea


From the coast of South Korea, world’s largest vessel just set its sail off. This largest vessel is bigger than the Empire State Building, can you imagine that how much bigger is that! The name of this vessel is Prelude.

World’s Largest Vessel Features

– 1,601 feet long
– 243 feet wide
– 600,000 tons weights
– 20,100 horsepower

According to Wired magazine, Prelude is 150 feet longer than the Empire State Building’s height. Shell is owned the vessel and its massive size entitled this as the world’s largest vessel in the world. 

Prelude has three engines which can provide up to 21,100 horsepower combine. One year full time frame is required to construct the heavy architectural vessel.

Prelude has a built in liquefied natural gas facility which can capable to harvest the natural gas from the depths of the ocean and it can produce up to 3.9 million tons gas per year. Shell will use this vessel to transferred the gas to transport ship that waiting in the sea.

Shell said in a press release that,

“It also avoids the potential environmental impact of constructing and operating a plant on land, including laying pipelines to shore and building other infrastructure.”

Prelude’s first destination is off the coast of Western Australia. It will anchor there for 25 years, according to Shell report. It will begin its trek in 2017.

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