Windows 8.1 Update

windows 8.1Microsoft wants Windows 8 have the bust via update. What is good for Windows 8.1 update?

For a year now Windows 8 is on the market, but contrary to all Microsoft hopes the operating program proved so far to be a flop.

Annoy the users are available via the mishmash of touch surface area and classical operation, PC manufacturers available via weak sales – Microsoft seems to have gone into the sidings. Now the manufacturer wants to pick up speed again: As of today, Thursday, by 13 clock appears huge free update to Windows 8.1. This should boost the sell.


How well the brand new Windows 8.1 really is?

While Microsoft a few years ago ran from success to success, in recent times the failures.Windows 8 has only 7.4 percent market share – a tragedy! Also, the tablet area: Microsoft’s own Surface Tablet is like lead on the shelves – and cost the company $ 900 million.

And most Windows 8 tablets from other manufacturers are not particularly popular – not least because the Windows Store is still missing some important apps.

Microsoft still dominates the market: Windows – still installed worldwide at more than 90 percent of the roughly 1.5 billion desktop computers – in different versions.

However, the Windows hegemony is becoming less important. Because while more and more tablets and smartphones available via the counter hiking, walking the worldwide PC since 2011 selling strongly Skip past navigation. Alone in the first quarter of 2013 they fell by a whopping 13.9 percent – and this trend could not stop even Windows 8.

Handlers and analysts agree: The concept of the group, with a focus on modernizing the touch controls the PC operation and to build a bridge to tablets, has not arrived at the buyers.

► Discount: In the summer of 2013, schools received the Surface RT almost 290 euros cheaper, the price of the Surface Pro was recently reduced to 100 euros for all.

With Windows 8 users waiting but so far in vain for lower prices. For the Pro version requires Microsoft continues proud 279,99 €. The 8.1 update will be though for Windows-8-users free Neukäufer all have the 8.1 version but the full purchase price.

► New Business Activities: Microsoft wants to earn money in the future with smartphone – one of the reasons why the group the division of the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia recently. Incidentally, the sets have long been on Windows Phone 8.


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