Will iPhone 5 Banned in USA?

When everyone is waiting to grave the new Apple iPhone 5, at that moment Apple prepared themselves to face the lawsuit against them which is complained by Motorola Mobility few days ago and stopped the banned orders in the USA. The lawsuit is issued for infringement of their own voice-recognition program which is used by Apple without their permission. Currently the voice recognition program is running on Apple’s Siri devices.

Now according to lawyers experts, if Apple loses out on this infringement then there is a strong chance for a temporary banned order which also applied for the upcoming iPhone 5 from the US court. I think that will be the worst thing in the history of Steve Job’s Apple Inc. if they really failed to show the logical causes.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Now this lawsuit against Apple and Samsung has become the most discussed topic in almost all top media. The final decision for Apple lawsuit will come on August 24, 2012. Will there be any chance to show or get mercy for this infringement lawsuit. If not, then what will happen if the U.S. International Trade Commission issued a banned order in the USA?

Now we have to wait till 24th August to know the final decision of Apple lawsuit and the future of Apple’s product’s sales in the USA.

It is expected that Apple will launch new iPhone 5 with latest features on September 23th, 2012. But the whole things are stopped now due to this lawsuit patent and may be that’s why Apple still do not make an official press release about their upcoming Smartphone iPhone 5.


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