Why you Protest SOPA and PIPA?

If you today wants to visit the main homepage of Wikipedia (English version), than you found a massage “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge” on their main page. And you can’t access more. Do you know why they doing this? Only for SOPA and PIPA!!

Not only Wiki, but the world largest giant search engine ‘Google’ also omits their script of Google Doodles on their homepage to contest the bill of SOPA and PIPA. Including Google and Wiki, thousands of sites make their site blackout for 24 hours from 18th January, 2012.

Why you Protest SOPA and PIPA?

Why you Protest SOPA and PIPA?

What are SOPA and PIPA:

SOPA means “the Stop Online Piracy Act” and PIPA means “the Protect IP Act”. This two are such laws which will make a publishing law against all of the internet users that will results a controversial anti-piracy measures through out the free access of “Internet”. U.S. congress tries to pass the bill within next few weeks.

Why U.S. congress think about SOPA and PIPA:

If these two legislations will passed by U.S. Congress then all of first all the free and open Internet source will be stopped like going to jail! Because there are thousands of site’s owners who published their contents, materials, fallings, tools etc through their home PC/Laptop. Many times such activities violate some copyright owner’s contents/materials. But most of the times this doesn’t cause so much hamper or damage of their logistics. Now, U.S. congress tries to stop such activities for all US based sites.

What Happens if SOPA and PIPA passed:

If SOPA and PIPA passed once, it creates lots of problems and damage thousands of websites/Blogs owners. If you have US based site, SOPA requires your site should actively linked up with police to purported infringing sites. Like Wikipedia, many large and open global sites become non-sustainable for these laws.

Not only these, but you are going to terminate from the free World of Downloads. You can’t get free movies, music, ring tones, software, even the documents also! Now its up to you what should you do? If you are in US, you can visit Wiki to support them against SOPA and PIPA.

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