WhatsApp Update for the iPhone Just Lunched

WhatsApp has bought a new update to its iOS version. With the new version, several new features on the iPhone – which exactly come and here we show you how to enable it.

Brings the New WhatsApp Update for iOS

  • new chat wallpapers
  • Zoom function during video playback
  • Sending pictures and videos about third-party apps (iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive)
  • Blue read-hook in the chat overview

New Design Features and Colors

With the New update, WhatsApp for iPhone will possible from now, even more, adjustments to the design. Background colors in chats can be individually selected from a predetermined range of “uni colors”, or it can be exchanged for a background image or photo. Besides, there is now also the ability to zoom areas close or away – during playback videos.

Photo Import and Hidden Read Function

Who backs up his photos in cloud apps like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, after now directly from there to WhatsApp. WhatsApp Update imports his photos or videos and send to friends. You will find the corresponding function using the button at the bottom of “Choose from another app.”

Somewhat hidden, new update WhatsApp version of iOS brings the blue read-hook in the overview of the chat as well. So you see before you open a chat, if your contact read the message (but not answered) has. This is however only if it has not disabled the read function. Learn how you even turn off the WhatsApp read confirmation, in the following instructions.

You get all the new features in turn with the next free update WhatsApp for iPhone.


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