Watch YouTube Video with Resume Support

No you haven’t any need to watch full length YouTube video in a single time sitting in front of your PC or Laptop. Because now you can easily Pause YouTube video with Resume Support and can do any other activities without any worries about the video streaming. If you shut down your PC/Laptop, or whatever you do, your videos kept in same pause mode and you can start watching your video from where you were in the video with a single click only. Doing all of this, you just need one single browser extension on your browser. Do you know what it is?

The new browser extension Pause for Later ensures you to Pause any YouTube video and start it with the Resume support from where you were. It helps you to save any YouTube video without bookmarking it. You can get any browser’s extension like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

pause for later

Pause for Later

To add Pause for Later extension, first go to their website: and sign up for a free account. After those install the new extension according to your web browser and restart your brower after the installation is complete.

Now you are ready to use Pause for later extension for any YouTube video streaming. When you need to pause any video streaming then go to the newly added pause button instead of the YouTube pause controls. If you done this perfectly, then it makes the resume support for that video until you click the resume button again. If you close the browser, restart/turn off the PC, don’t get panic. Because Pause for Later holds YouTube Video with Resume Support until you returns to watch the video again.


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