Watch One for the Money Free Online Movie

One for the Money is a comedy, Mystery and adventure type movie from the director Julie Anne Robinson. Watch One for the Money free online movie from here.

In the movie walkthrough of One for the Money movie, Katherine Heigl played as Stephanie Plum who have been work out for the last six months although she got plenty of attitude. Not only jobs, she just lost her car also to a debt collector. Now she seeks a job from her cousin who owns a bail-bonding company. Plum’s cousin appointed her as a recovery agent whose big deal is for a biggest bail jumper of a former vice cop who arrested as a suspect of murder. Can Plum success her mission? To know more, watch One for the Money now.

Watch One for the Money Free

Watch One for the Money Free

Katherine Heigl
John Leguizamo
Daniel Sunjata
Jason O’Mara

Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Writer: Liz Brixius, Karen McCullah Lutz, Karen Ray, Janet Evanovich, Stacy Sherman, Karen Ray, Kirsten Smith
Release Date: January 27th, 2012.
Runtime: 1 hour 46 minutes

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One for the Money trailer (Full Screen)

If you like the trailer, go to the following link to watch One for the Money free online movie:

watch One for the Money free online


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