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Haywire movie is based on action and thriller. This movie is released on 20th January 2012. Watch Haywire free online movie or download Haywire from here.

From the director Steven Soderbergh and write Lem Dobbs, Relativity Media studio distributes this movie worldwide. The length of this movie is 1 hour 33 minutes. Gina Carano acts for the title character of Haywire movie.

Watch Haywire Free Online

Watch Haywire Free Online

In the Haywire movie walkthrough you can find that, female freelance covert ops Mallory Kane is hired for a rescue a hostage mission in Barcelona which is not authorized by government. But after the successful mission she is dispatched to Dublin for another mission. But suddenly Mallory discover that she has been double crossed by someone else, when the operation goes awry; who is close to her.

Now does she escape from there and save her family? She also needs to give exact revenge on those people who betrayed with her.


Gina Carano (acted in American Gladiators)
Channing Tatum (acted in GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra),
Ewan McGregor (acted in The Ghost Writer),
Michael Fassbender (acted in X-Men: First Class),
Antonio Banderas (acted in Desperado),
Bill Paxton (acted in Titanic)

Watch Haywire Official Trailer before full streaming the movie from YouTube.

Haywire Official Trailer

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