Wal-Mart Special Offer Sales Thanksgiving Day

Wal-Mart always provides special offer to its customers on very special day each and every time. And as past before, Wal-Mart announced their sales time for the Thanksgiving Day which will start from 10 p.m. nationwide.

On this year’s Thanksgiving Day, Wal-Mart gift shop is trying to do better with its major retailers like Macy’s, Kohl’s and Best Buy who will open to offer holiday deals at midnight on Thanksgiving Day.

Wal-Mart Special Offer Sales Thanksgiving Day

Wal-Mart Special Offer Sales for Thanksgiving Day

This time Wal-Mart will offer special holiday deals to the customers for Thanksgiving Day, like toys, apparel and home goods. Disney Princess fashion dolls for $5, Wrangler jeans for $9.97 will offer among them. But the special item will be the 8GB iPod Touch for $195 only.

Wal-Mart’s chief merchandising officer Duncan Mac Naughton said that, customers prefer late night shopping is better than shopping from get up early. 1 or 2 day before the Thanksgiving Day, Wal-Mart will provide maps with the in-store locations of the special items. When Wal-Mart will post Wal-Mart shop location, we will provide the shopping location map to you.

On Thanksgiving Day, though most of Wal-Mart stores are open at 10 p.m., but some state and local laws restrict retail hours, so you should check at Walmart.com before you go to your local store.


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