Top 10 Mobile Websites Review

There are hundreds of thousands mobile web sites throughout the world. Everyday another hundreds of thousands of sites are joined in this online media. People can now easily browsing the online websites which are optimized for mobile, known as mobile web site. Top ranked website like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube etc already optimized their web sites to provide the best services to its viewers. They continuously work hard to provide better and faster web service on mobile phone. Today we will list top 10 mobile web sites according to their popularity based on mobile web browsing throughout the world.

Top 10 Mobile Websites

Top 10 Mobile Websites

Top 10 Moblie Web Sites:

1# Google
Type: Search Engine
Google for Mobile URL: Google Mobile

Type: Social Networking Media
Facebook for Mobile URL: Facebook Mobile

3# YouTube
Type: Online video share and streaming
YouTube for Mobile URL: YouTube Mobile

4# Yahoo
Type: Search Engine
Reader for Mobile UPL: Yahoo Mobile

5# BBC News
Type: News
BBC for Mobile URL: BBC Mobile

6# 4G Speed Test
Type: Utility
4G Spped Test for Mobile URL: 4G speed test mobile

7# Food Network
Type: Food Information
Food Network for Mobile URL:Food Network Mobile

8# Wikipedia
Type: Reference
Wikipedia for Mobile URL: Wikipedia Mobile

9# Amazon
Type: Shopping
Amazon for Mobile URL: Amazon Mobile

10# Flickr
Type: Photo Sharing
Flickr for Mobile URL: Flickr Mobile

There are many more top mobile websites. We just listed it based on website’s visiting history. This list is not officially declared by any organization or company. Top 10 Mobile Websites Review is just only web statistic based info.


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