Top 10 iPad Business Apps 2012: App Store Review

Top 10 iPad business apps for the business users are listed here from App Store who uses iPad for their official business work. You can download these apps direct from Apple AppStore. These business apps are highly recommended by various experts and their user reviews are also excellent. You can also analyze the reviews from the product’s review pages.

To run the top ten ipad apps into your iPad after download, we recommended use them into high resolution iPad to get the best result. The requirement for business iPad apps: -iPad 2 or Higher
-iOS 2.5 or Higher
-Paid Apps


Top 10 iPad Apps for Business

#1 Hootsuite:

HootSuite for iPad is one kind of social network connecting apps from where you can update Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others at a same time.

Product: Free version (up to 5 social network)
Paid version: $9.99 include 30 day trail
Download mirror on iTunes: Hootsuite Download

#2 Adobe Photoshop Touch:

Adobe Photoshop Touch on iPad offers special version of Photoshop tool where you can combine your images with editing and transforming images easily.

Product: £6.99
Download mirror on iTunes: Adobe Photoshop Touch Download

#3 Todo:

Todo is one kind of work planning or schedule maker apps for your iPad where you can make your schedule and plans with lots of other cool features.

Product: £2.99
Download mirror on iTunes: Todo Download

#4 PDF Reader Pro:

High resolution PDF reading feature include PDF Reader Pro offer the iPad user to read any size of PDF file, no matter what are the sizes.

Product: £3.99
Download mirror on iTunes: PDF Reader Pro Download

#5 Word Lens:

Word Lens is one kind of translator apps for iPad where you can easily translate road sign, menu or document through your iPads’ camera. Currently It works only for Spanish and French languages.

Product: £2.99
Download mirror on iTunes: Word Lens Download

#6 Numbers:

Numbers is one kind of spread sheet app for iPad that brings you charts, photos, table and graphics design facilities to the users.

Product: £6.99
Download mirror on iTunes: Numbers Download

#7 Penultimate:

Penultimate app is use for making notes through the iPad. You can create as many as notebooks through this and customize them as your wish.

Product: £0.69
Download mirror on iTunes: Penultimate Download

#8 ZigZag Board:

ZigZag is one kind of whiteboard in to your iPad that’s great for brainstorming, block diagrams, process maps, timelines, etc either on your own or in real-time with others.
Product: £1.49
Download mirror on iTunes: ZigZag Board Download

#9 OmniGraffle:

OmniGraffle offer iPad users to create a quick diagram, page layout, process chart, website wireframe, and graphic design etc.
Product: £34.99
Download mirror on iTunes: OmniGraffle Download

#10 Popplet:

Pipplet is a mind mapping tool with whom you can capture your ideas and share them with others.
Product: £2.99
Download mirror on iTunes: Popplet: Download


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