Today We Reach 7 billion on this Planet

This is the day that our planet holds 7 billion humans on his solder. To reach 6 to 7 billion of people, it took only 12 years.

Though it’s nice to hear that we have 7 billion people together in this world, but at the same time, the responsibility of human beings is increasing much higher than it was.

7 billion populationThe human growth curve shows us that within the year of 2050, the population of world will reach to 9.3 billion and expect to cross over 10.1 billion of population by the end of this century.

It will be happen in future and expected to get the exact result of this population unless and otherwise the rate of birth not control and falls down by the half century. This figure comes out by the U.N. best estimation of world’s population.

On Monday, The Secretary of United Nation Ban Ki-moon is going to arrange a news conference regarding the upcoming challenge of increasing the growth of population. The news conference of UN will also highlight the decrease of the rate of poverty, to help to increase other countries development etc.


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