Tim Tebow Plays for New York Jets

Tim Tebow Plays for New York Jets from the next matches. Isn’t a great news for the NY Jets fan?

According to the Fox news, Tim Tebow has been traded by the New York Jets for the upcoming seasons. Now Denver Broncos player’s obviously missing the great living legend Tim Tebow in their international matches. But what is the feeling of New York Jet’s player when they listen that Tim will going to join to their team?

Tim Tebow Plays New York Jets

Tim Tebow Plays for New York Jets

It’s really so surprising for everyone. Tim Tebow now plays for NY Jets along with other stars on New York Jets. According to TMZ, some people of NY Jets already created rift & some members are shocked. But this is yet not confirmed by any NY Jets official.

But whatever it is and it will be, it’s really no doubt about the news for New York Jets and it’s fan that they have traded a world class player which motivate the team and player to reach the top position in the tournament.


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