Super Mario 3D Land Download Full Version

Super Mario 3D Land is a plat forming game. It is a series of Super Mario. You can Download it for your Nintendo 3DS.

Super Mario 3D Land is developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo and Nintendo published the game. Koichi Hayashida is directed and Yoshiaki Koizumi produced this game. This is a single player game. This game was released on November 3, 2011 in Japan. In North America it released on November 13, 2011 and in Europe it released on November 18, 2011.

Super Mario 3D Land Download Full Version

Super Mario 3D Land Download

Super Mario 3D Land is similar to Super Mario 64 but it is a 3D platform. This is the first time that a Mario 3D platformer builds a handheld system.


• Circle Pad: Move.
• A: Choose level.
• A/B: Jump, Wall Jump.
• Hold A/R: Flutter Jump (Tanooki Mario).
• R: Crouch, enter a Warp Pipe, enter a cannon.
• (L/R)+ Direction: Crawl
• Circle Pad+R: Somersault.
• Circle Pad+R+(A/B): Long Jump.
• (A/B)+R: Ground Pound
• R+(A/B): Backwards Somersault.
• X/Y: Shoot Fireballs (Fire Mario), attack with tail (Tanooki Mario), run.
• Select: Pause menu

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