Super Bowl 2012: Final Score Summary NY vs NE

Last Sunday match between The New England Patriots and New York Giants was ends with 17-21 score and New York Giant won the match. The match between Patriots and Giants was really so exciting.

In the 1st quarter of yesterday’s game of Super Bowl 2012, New York Giants starts very well and ends the quarter with NY 9 vs NE 0.

Super Bowl 2012

Final Score Summary NY vs NE

In the 2nd quarter, New England Patriots back to the game and with 4-yard pass from Tom Brady ends the quarter of NE with scoring NY 9 vs NE 10.

NY returns on 3rd quarter is quite better but NE made this best. Tom Brady again moves NE towards by converting the score NY 15 vc NE 17

Although, 2nd and 3rd quarter was in favor of NE, but the final part was on NY. They made a super comeback and won the match with scoring NY 21 vs NE 17.


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