State of The Union 2012 Address Highlight

Last Tuesday, United state of America’s President Barack Obama made a state of the union address in the state of the union 2012. In the pitch, Obama called for economic fairness in U.S. and showing his vision about America’s future.

In the state of the union address, Obama said to enforce every American school students to stay on their school until they complete their graduations or turn 18 either s/he will not allowed any others places. He wants to make it mandatory for every student because now-a day many students drop out from the school within the age of 16.

Stat of The Union 2012 Address

Stat of The Union 2012 Address

Obama also calls for tax colleting to improve the better life in America. He wants to reform the tax system so that American people who earn $1 million per year or more would pay 30% in taxes.

US president barrack Obama also address to motivated the new generation who will leads America by their knowledge and creating a high-tech manufacturing platform where every talent people can get high-paying jobs from all over the world.

These are the key factors which are highlighted in the state of the Union 2012 from Barack Obama, the President of United State of America. If president Obama succeeded on the followings issues, then hope our country will get back in the better economical position as well as the world’s best country ever after.


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