Skype for Windows Phone Release Soon

This is really good news for the Microsoft’s Windows Phone users. After a long waiting time, Skype’s Vice President Rick Osterloh unofficially confirmed that, Microsoft’s Skype division currently work to develop Skype for Windows Phone and they release it very soon.

Last day in the CES 2012, Skype’s VP said it in an interview, but he doesn’t comment about it in details. But it is sure now that, after the complete working of Microsoft’s Skype division team, they will release it to the Windows Phone users.

Skype for Windows Phone Release

Skype for Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Windows Phone program director Joe Belfiore was promised that Skype would available in Windows Phone in the last quarter of 2011 which was passed without any notification. But this time, this maybe comes true.

Although the exact time of Microsoft Windows Phone Skype Application yet not been confirmed but the integration of Skype in Windows Phone is going on, which confirmed by Rick Osterloh. But the rumor goes that it may release on next month of February in Barcelona.

Skype is world’s most popular calling (Audio and Video) and massaging application in more than 150 countries. Currently Skype is running more than 15 different devices.


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