The Secrets of Kim Kardashian Divorce

It is very known that Kim Kardashina has filed for Divorce after just 72 days married life with Kris Humphries. But do you know the real secret that motivates Kim to take such a big decision?

Though Kim Kardashian still doesn’t confirm the all reason about the divorce, about her mental socked from Krisand anything that why her marriage life stayed only 72 days with Kris. She just made it clear that she is still not mentally stable to descrive all the reason of that.
 The Secrets of Kim Kardashian Divorce

The Secrets of Kim Kardashian Divorce

But a strong source who is close to Kim and her family has said that the footage of Kris had done almost everything. It was the footage which is taken for the upcoming session of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Though Kourtney and Kim Take New York show has totally made with Kim Kardashian’s life, so Kim has the full editorial control over the show and she decide that where to makes cut and where not. While Kim started to watch the raw footage of this show, she was totally surprised and astonished at the behavior of Kris towards Kim and her family.

Though the marriage with Kris was made a tremendous stress on Kim’s mind, but still she can’t believe that she was married such a low minded who treating Kim and her family like this.

Whenever Kim has working with the footage, she faces too much difficulty to edit it. The cause is nothing but without her tears. Here an example given below to according to Kim’s described:

Next 27th Nov, 2011, Kourtney and Kim Take New York season 2011 will on-air on E!


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