The Rock: These Children Show the Real Strength

the rock

Dwayne “the rock” Johnson (43) is a real powerhouse. Regular exercise at the gym make the actor a mega mucky man. At the weekend, rock could learn the what’s true strength, and of children who have to fight for their lives.

Dwayne is currently in Los Angeles for the cinema adaptation of the cult series “Baywatch” in front of the camera. The Hollywood star took advantage of its rotation-free time now to visit the Pediatrics ward of the hospital. He wanted to surprise the sick children and give them courage. Put the rock two photos of this action online via Instagram and wrote:

“wonderful experience. Thanks to all hard-working staff, who have made this visit possible. All the children I have met: Keep your ears stiff and stays strong! All the parents I’ve met remains strong! also you”

the rock

Dwayne also talked to the sick Christopher, whose Körper was provided by operations with many scars. Christopher’s mother had asked the Hollywood star, to visit her son. He was totally flashed at the sight of the action stars and was huge. But Dwayne himself was speechless after this experience and wrote: “I’m so impressed by these parents, who would do anything to take the pain her children. ” EVERYTHING only to them to give a smile. As a father, I understand that. I’m so glad that Christopher’s mother has managed to get him to laugh. And I’m pleased to have shaken the hand of a really strong and inspiring man his hand. Stay healthy, Christopher and show your scars with pride”.


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