Robert Pattinson New Love Dylan Penn

Robert-Pattinson-date-Dylan-PennRobert Pattinson has a new love interest – and therefore now threatens in trouble with his ex and the father of his new. Because Dylan Penn is the daughter of actor Sean Penn – and not only with his ex Kristen Stewart (23) friends, but also known to be a real bully and threatened now already Pattinson.

That Robert Pattinson (27) is said to have a new one, we got to hear more often in recent times. However, after the affair with Elvis’s granddaughter Riley Keough (24) was over faster than could sing Casanova “Love Me Tender” and the mystery brunette last week turned out to be a simple fitness trainer, the latest romance of more inventory could be – if the father of the beloved not mucking. Dylan Penn model (22) is in fact the daughter of bully-actor Sean Penn. Him it should not be right that the two were spotted turtelnd in a nightclub in West Hollywood a few days ago. He is said to have Robert Pattinson warned, if he should make his daughter hurt the British “Sun” reported now.

Finally, it is not only with Sean Penn since the common Dreharbieten “Into the Wild” good friends, but also one of his daughter to her friends. “They just do not understand what is with Rob go,” chatted a friend over Hollywood Life made. “For the millions of girls he could data, he picks out then that a friend of her.” And by the way, not for the first time: Riley Keough, too, was actually a friend of Kristen At that time the Hallodri had the whole thing out of respect for him. Ex opposite ends abruptly, not to poach with the promise of the future common friends. That did not keep very long .


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