Princess Cruises Passenger New Campaign

Cruise line Princess Cruises now has a new look at how and why their passengers cruise. It’s based on what the passengers of Princess told them themselves. And there’s many different reasons for people to go on a cruise and escape completely.

Birthdays, anniversaries are just a few things to celebrate, and that’s something that clearly showed from the stories Princess received from their passengers.

Princess Cruises Passengers


“Usually people think of ‘celebrations’ as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations,

” said Jan Swartz from Princess Cruises.

“But as we listened to these passenger stories, we recognized a great opportunity to expand the definition. From a newly adopted child to overcoming adversity such as cancer, there are many occasions in life to celebrate. And we aim to offer the best cruise experience for life’s most important celebrations.”

The videos, that was created by the Princess passengers who were given a camera to document what inspired their cruise, can be seen at the webpage of Everyone else who have recently celebrated something on board of Princess Cruises ships, are invited to submit their story at for a chance to win a free trip aboard their new Royal Princess. Stories, videos, photos can be uploaded until March 31, 2013.

What’s your reason to escape completely?

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