President Obama Sing Al Green Classic Song

Obama sings Al Green Classic Last Thursday Night:
Don’t you ever hear the song of the US President Barack Obama? If not, then don’t let go the chance to listen President Obama’s Al Green song with video here.

Last Thursday night on New York’s Apollo Theater, President Barack Obama sang a song of Al Green classic. He sounded good with that song. President Obama joined the fundraiser program to save the green and creates a better environment in this world.


President Obama Sing Al Green Classic

Although President Obama didn’t sang the full song, but he starts with “Ahhhm…so in love with you…”, some few words of Al Green Classic.

Last Thursday party had hosted a dinner for Obama by Spike Lee and his wife and guests were get chances to get close with President Obama with a cost of $35,000 per ticket. The whole ticket price will going to the funds.

If you miss that show, then don’t worry. We add the video of that program where “President Obama sings Al Green”


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