New iPhone 5 Parts: Another iPhone Leaked Photos

New iPhone 5 release date coming soon day by day. Everyone is excited to grab the new iPhone. Today another leaked iPhone 5 photos has been leaked into the media. This time it’s about Apple iPhone 5 parts photo. The new iPhone parts photo is almost similar to the previous iPhone 4S just without one new thing.

We know that Apple’s new iPhone 5 will include lots of new features. We already short an iPhone 5 feature list by picking the most possible features from around the web in our iPhone 5 Features article. Today’s leak iPhone 5 parts photos include a new identical point. A new square chip subsystem has been noticed at the top of the upcoming Smartphone.

New iPhone 5 Parts
New iPhone 5 Parts leak Photo

So what you will think about it? Doesn’t it sound like that something new will be coming to the upcoming Apple’s iPhone? It is sure that old Smartphones like iPhone 3, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S hasn’t that kind of shape. So we can consider this as the new iPhone 5 parts photo.

According to 9to5Mac and Apple Pro, they also agree to consider about the new leaked iPhone 5 parts photos.

Apple iPhone 5 release date may fix on the September 23rd, 2012, although Apple still not confirmed it yet. The first time it will release in North America and Canada. And October 3rd maybe the international iPhone 5 release date.

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