The new iMac in the picture test

imacApple has renovated and revamped its iMacs with computing and graphics power : Users has taken the top model of the series under the microscope and shows that the precious computer has it.

Beautifully Simple

Even before you take an iMac in operation , is clear: No matter how fast or how high is the hardware – the Apple computer is a nice computer and a credit for any office. Just a stripper needs of Super-flat all-in -one PC for operation. Mouse and keyboard dock automatically via radio – so there is no unsightly cable clutter. Whether tinkering with games, CD change land or lengthy driver installations : all the user is spared here – just plug in and go!

The most necessary programs, such as an office suite and various multimedia tools , Apple already puts in – not on DVD , but at least on disk or via download through the App Store. An Internet connection should be available but for the operation of the computer .

New is mainly the inner life : The fresh Haswell processors show already in the current MacBook Air models that they expect not only fast, but also bring a particularly intelligent energy management. In daily operation that is not only more performance with less power consumption , but also much less heat . While we stressten our test computer with different benchmark programs , it was barely warm . And even if the fan leapt , he was whisper quiet. The performance figures speak for themselves and are in the range of the upper middle class:

Only the top features a player

In our version tested a powerful Nvidia 780m graphics card with ordinary four gigabytes of graphics memory was installed. Reached even for the top games such as ” Battlefield 3″.

The cheaper iMac models , however, are not so well stocked , but still are good for current games – when to scale back the details a bit.
Stylish, fast – but expensive. Users says : Granted – with prices from 1300 to 2700 euros , the iMac is not a cheap machine. But beautiful and stress-free PC may not be. Although it is thin , light and quiet , he brings with comparatively much power .


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