Navy Jet Crash Landing Near Virginia Beach

A Navy Jet plane has been crash landing near Virginia Beach and it crashed into some apartments of that affected areas. Military Spokesman and the local witness confirms about that. CNN reported about this. Still no report of death confirmed for this crash landing, but two people were injured and they were taken to hospital.

On Friday evening, when the Navy jet was crashed, the two pilot of that F/A-18 jet could not move out themselves before crash landing. The condition of those two injured pilots is still unknowns. But witness said that they tight into their sit when plane crashed with its tail down and nose up.

Navy Jet Crash Landing

Navy Jet Crash Landing Near Virginia Beach

Navy Jet’s crashed landing caused huge black smoke and flumes rose from that affected area. Police, ambulance and fire trucks reached their quickly for rescue them.

According to Navy administration, the Navy Jet was flying from a training squadron situated at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach. But the cause of that plane crash still not identified.

According to the witness, they saw that jet plane was flying very low, one said it just flew away just over my truck. Then it crashed into apartment. But it was god’s blessing that it didn’t cause more damage that it might be.


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