Miss World 2011 Crowned to Miss Venezuela

On last Sunday in London, the most beautiful lady of this year 2011 is selected as Miss World 2011 from Venezuela named Ivian Sarcos.

21 year old Ivian passed her graduate on human resource degree from Venezuela and her ambition is to work with children of this world. This year she was crowned Miss World 2011 at the city of London, from where the beauty contest was staged from 1951.

Miss World 2011 Crowned to Miss Venezuela

Miss World 2011 Crowned to Miss Venezuela

This year, Miss World 2011 beauty contest was broadcast more than 150 countries live and were watched by a billion TV viewers. Although a tiny feminist demonstrations took place outside of the venue.

Ivian Sarcos beat 122 beauty contestants to win the crown of Miss World 2011 weather most of them are graduates and can speak in more than 3 languages.

Ivian Sarcos currently works in a broadcasting company and in future she wants to work with non-governmental children organizations. Though Sarcos already has established a foundation that help the youngsters in her country.

Next year, the beauty contest of Miss World 2012 will be held on Great China’s Inner Mongolia.


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