Miley Cyrus’ Extreme Wedding Plans

Miley Cyrus (23) and Liam Hemsworth

What is worth waiting for. Or not? After Miley Cyrus (23) and Liam Hemsworth (26) back to each other found about three months ago, the wedding plans are now to be in full swing. A source now that stark plans the scandal noodle already has for that day.

After Liam has officially announced the engagement of his family, now is arguably the Celebrity Wedding Planner Kevin Lee hired. The preparations are already running at full speed. As an insider now opened the heat magazine, Miley apparently wants an extravagant party, where she can be high with all guests together. “Because grass in California is legal, Miley wants something on every table is as well as a dessert buffet with food, where marijuana is contained”, revealed the source.

Also for her wardrobe, the singer should have already detailed ideas. The most important day in her life, Miley will carry allegedly not only a wedding dress. An insider told “told she will relocate five times, and the color will be drawing is pink like a red thread through the day”,. It is not yet known whether the outfits will be used almost. Stands as probably the quiet Liam on top of everything?


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