Microsoft Windows 8 A Complete Review

Microsoft’s Windows Tablets which operates by Windows OS are not accepted as it predict when release Windows for tablets. Because the performances of Windows OS in tablet aren’t performed very well even it is stylish, modern and latest touch-based technology.

For the upcoming ear, Microsoft preparing them to release their Windows 8 based tablet considering the previous matters and with lots of exclusive Windows 8 features. Windows 8 can perform several platforms like PC, notebooks and Windows phone. Microsoft Windows 8 can also run on x86 or ARM processors.

Microsoft Windows 8 Review

Microsoft Windows 8 Complete Review

Microsoft Windows 8 beta version will release in next February to testing the OS. In the middle of June, the full version of Windows 8 will release for all its respective platforms. Microsoft takes times to develop Windows 8 to ensure its best output.

Windows 8 Top Features:

1. New Tile based start screen
2. Windows 8 will run on any devices
3. Cloud Synchronization in Windows 8
4. Windows 8 on a USB drive
5. HTML 5 and Javascript based Windows apps
6. Ribbon UI in Windows 8
7. Windows 8 App Store feature
8. Windows 8 is a touch centric and touch friendly operating system
9. Snap the windows and work with multiple programs at the same time

Windows 8 System Requirements (Non Official):

Motherboard – Asus P5GC-MX Intel 945 chipset
Processor – Intel Dual Core
RAM – 2 GB with 1333 Mhz
Hard Drive – 250 GB
Optical Drive – 20x DVD RW

Microsoft Windows 8 Release Date:

Windows 8 Beta version: February 2012
Windows 8 Full version: July 2012


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