Michel Jackson Still in Top Chart

The late Michel Jackson still shows his power of popularity in this world and earning millions dollars rather than any other late famous celebrities. Last Tuesday, Forbes published a list of top late celebrities earning in this year.

The king of Pop, Michel Jackson still rule in this world and his fans still keep Michel in their hearts. It’s really awesome when you hear that Michel Jackson is still alive in his fans.

Michel Jackson top earning

Michel’s “Thriller” hit maker’s estate was figured to have lots of earned from sales of Jackson music and his stake in the ATV/Sony catalog in past year of 2011. The estimated earning is $170 million.

On the list of Forbes top earning late celebrities, the second position holds by the king of Rock n Roll Elvis Presley, who earned $55 million from his music. Marilyn Monroe came in third place by earning $27 million.

The Top 10 of Forbes’ 2011 Top-Earning Late Celebrity:
1. Michael Jackson – earned $170 million
2. Elvis Presley – earned $55 million
3. Marilyn Monroe – earned $27 million
4. Charles Schulz (“Peanuts” cartoonist) – earned $25 million
5. Elizabeth Taylor – earned $12 million
5. John Lennon – earned $12 million
7. Albert Einstein – earned $10 million
8. Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) – earned $9 million
9. Jimi Hendrix – earned $7 million
10. Stieg Larsson (author) – earned $7 million


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