Mega Millions Winning Jackpot Number

Mega Millions lottery was held on Friday night and it was declare the Mega Millions winning jackpot number that is worth of $640 million which already made a world record jackpot. It already makes a ration for winning number out of 175.7 million to one.

The Mega Millions Winning Jackpot Number is:
2-4-23-38-46, Mega Ball 23.
This Mega Millions Ball was bought in Maryland! We will update with more details very soon.

The Mega Millions jackpot number calculation says that each ticket is worth of $3.07 which quite low and anyone can buy as much as can depends on his/her abilities. If you already not buy one of it, you may be loose to win a half billion jackpot combo.

Mega Millions Winning Jackpot Number

Mega Millions Winning Jackpot Number

How to Choose Mega Millions winning jackpot:
According to Forbes reports, if you want to win the big one through your jackpot, then you have to choose your Mega Miilion odds number where a five number is chosen between 1-56, and second number will between 1-46 ranges. They show the calculation method to choose the odds:

1st step: 56 x 55 x 54 x 53 x 52 (Multiply)
2nd Step: 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 (Divide)
3rd step: 2nd step result x 46Forbes page

To know more, go the Forbes Page

To know more about Mega Millions you can visit Mega Millions.


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