Mega Millions Winners: All are School Teachers!!!

At last the real winners of Mega Millions are found and they are officially confirmed by the Maryland Lottery. Yesterday, The Mega Millions authority briefed the media about the winners of Mega Million Jackpot. Surprisingly all the winners are public school’s teachers (2) and employee.

Among of these three Mega Million Jackpot winners, two are public school teachers and the rest one works in a school administration. They won $218,600,000 prize money. But none of them were working at McDonalds as the last week Mega Jackpot winning ticket winner claimed by a McDonalds worker. The amount of this money will distribute between these three winners.

Mega Millions Winners

Mega Millions Winners

Three Mega Millions Jackpot winners called themselves as ‘The Three Amigos”. They also hide themselves from the media. And thus they remain anonymous. None of media crew can’t able to take their direct face photos. They posed themselves with the winning lottery check in front of their faces.

These three Mega Jackpot winners bought their tickets from a 7-Eleven in Milford, according to the Maryland lottery. And according to the laws of Mega Million Jackpot, the retailers who sold those tickets will rewarded with $100,000 for selling the Mega millions winning tickets.

Some little brief from the lottery director:

•Source: CNN NEWS

Do you what to know, what will they going to do with this record Mega Million prize? Ok, I’ll share Mega Millions Winners wishlist with you:

•They wish to be anonymous forever
•After taxes pay, each of the winners gets $35 million
•Make Europe tour
•Buy home for themselves
•Pay funds for their kid’s future education safely
•Pooled money to buy Mega Millions tickets at 7-Eleven near in Milford Mill


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