Mega Millions Winner: Is Her Ticket Really Exists?

After winning the Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Number, Mirlande Wilson claimed that she got one of the lottery prices. She had the mega jackpot worth of $218 million on last Wednesday. She called for a press conference to confirm about that, but she arrived lately in the conference and only said to the press to leave!

Who is Mirlande Wilson?
Mirlande Wilson, 37 year old woman who lived in Maryland. She worked for McDonald’s shop. She has a child of seven year old. By birth, Wilson is Haitian citizen. She bought the Mega Millions Jackpot from 7-store for herself. Meantime she repeats other spokesman that she had this lotto from McDonald’s ticket pools. She becomes really confusing about the mega ticket.

Mega Millions Jackpot Winner

Mirlande Wilson, (photo credit: Lloyd Fox [Sun Photographer])

Why Wilson confusing the media?
After Wilson checked her mega ticket jackpot and discovered that she has one of the winning jackpot odds which is worth of $218M, then she quickly called for huge press conference. When she arrived in the conference with his lawyer Edward Smith, she didn’t look normal.

When she asked why she doing this, she didn’t reply, just shook her head. Her lawyer Smith said that she wants to leave all of you back to your job and leave her alone. Meanwhile Smith hasn’t seen any mega jackpot ticket winning odds. He also confused about the mega ticket existing!

Now it becomes really confusing about the actual story behind Mirlande Wilson’s Mega Millions winning ticket claimed conference. Does her lawyer suggest her to make it private for her own safety? Does Wilson afraid of her security? Although, her claimed amount was really huge & this might be threaten for herself and her family.

Now we have to wait again for another confirmation about the Mega Millions Winner’s own statement. Until then, the world record amount of Mega Millions Jackpot ticket will be unclaimed.


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