Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather: Pay Per View Stats

On May 2, Saturday night, the most anticipated fight in the world boxing tournament will going to faces off between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd MayweatherSince from 2009, statistics tell that the fighting between these two always summaries the highest paid wrestling fighting than any other tournament. As per expected, this time the organizer committee again expect around $3.8 million worth for the tournament.

According to Sportsbooks, the fight between Mayweather vs Pacquiao will cost $90 or $100 per View. The hope this time previous all records will be break down and another history will be noted in the record book. But prognosticators suggest not expect like that. They think this will not reach on that level.

As is typically the situation, Sportsbooks are generating prop bets on items surrounding as well as related to the main combating occasion. One such prop bet is based on the total number of Pay Per View purchases anticipated. At Sports Communication, the line has actually been evaluated 3.8 million PPV purchases. The most affordable lines on this prop wager seem to be provided at 3.15 million, with an over wager paying less than a victorying under bet. While the Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight must come close to that number, it is likely to fail based upon a variety of affecting aspects, consisting of but not restricted to the excessively high cost to purchase the fight on Pay Each Sight in addition to the convenience of access to alternative methods of receiving the content in this age of the Net.


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