Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Photos 2011

Playboy cover photos 2011 of Lindsay Lohan has revealed from its cloak of secrecy last day. A photo of the alleged February issue about Lindsay Lohan ruled the Internet on last Wednesday, a week before the “Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan” star is scheduled to give a sneak peek on her next TV program, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The leaked Playboy cover pics shows Lindsay Lohan, straddling the back of a red bunny shaped chair where she sat totally undressed! The chair’s of Playboy shapes iconic bunny ears and face as the products logo and it was strategically covered Lohan’s private parts.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Photos

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Photos

On the Playboy magazine cover page printed just one-word headline and that’s “Lindsay.” Lindsay Lohan reportedly was paid $1 million for flashing her which Long Island parents gave Lohan.

“The pictorial presentation of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover picture is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, and it will be accompanied by an interview that will let Lohan’s fans and readers see another great part of Lindsay,” said the star’s publicist Steve Honig.


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