Lindsay Lohan Fall in Trouble Again!!!

Lindsay Lohan and Trouble, both are now becomes the twins for each other. One after one trouble makes Lohan’s life so frustrating which she never expected. Last day, a 911 call was made to inform that Lohan was unconscious in her luxurious waterfall hotel. But still she is not taken in hospital. It seems that was a minor physical problem of Lohan.

After the 911 call, paramedics reached to her hotel they found her in her room and provide a paramedic and suggest her to take rest. They confirmed that it happens because of her too much continuous works schedules. Fans of Lindsay Lohan already know that, the famous actress was hospitalized a week ago after the accident.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s rep Steve Honig said that from last couple of days she was too much busy for her latest drama “Elimabeth Taylor biopic” for which she can’t take any rest for herself and that’s why this thing happened. Lohan was on the set from 7 p.m to 8 a.m and took a nap before she get ready for her last scene shooting, he also added.

Paramedics was called by the producer when they found that Lohan don’t come out from her room as a precaution. Steve confirms that Lohan is fine now and will take rest for next couple of days. He expects that she will be get well very soon.


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