Libya Update: Muammar Qaddafi is No More!

 Muammar Qaddafi News

Muammar Qaddafi is no more in Libya, infect in this world. On Thursday at Qaddafi’s hometown, he was fired during fighting and one of the fighters confirmed about his life ends after saw Qaddafi’s body.
Libyan information minister Mahmoud Shammam said that it was his destiny, and without 100% confirmation, he wouldn’t reports anything. Because the past reports of Qaddafi’s life end was proven incorrect.

“Our people in Sirte (Qaddafi’s hometown) saw the body og Gaddafi and Mustafa Abdul Jalil will confirm it soon,” said Mahmoud Shammam.

On the other hand, NATO said it about convoy of Qaddafi’s loyalists fleeing Sirte on Thursday morning but it could not confirm this reports.

The White House, Pentagon and U.S. State Department could not confirm the Qaddafi’s reports.

But from Afghanistan, the Secretary of United State Hillary Clinton told the CBS News correspondent Whit Johnson that the capture of Qaddafi would be a significant development in Libya if the report proves true, but Hillary also said she did not expect his capture would end the fighting there.

Now its fact that, actually what was happen there and is Qaddafi still alive or not?


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