Leonardo in a Date !!! Who is this Girl?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio (41) currently has every reason to float on air. After his triumph at this year’s OscarAwards, he is celebrated not only by his fans in the social networks, but Sadler also numerous admirers too. No wonder he can call now a very special first prize after the golden statue of his own.

Roxy Horner is the new woman in Leo’s page. As Hollywood Gossip reported the actor currently violently with the 24-year-olds flirt. And not just because of their tender age, the new fits perfectly in to be prey schema: just likeLeonardo’s many ex-girlfriends Roxy blond, slender and works as a model.

Just before the Oscar hype made Leonardo DiCaprio still headlines with its separation of Kelly Rohrbach. Although the Hollywood star in love things always was a child of sorrow, his fans from this relationship were shocked.Finally, he had engaged himself even to the 25th and created the impression that it was serious about his girlfriend for him. But apparently, the 41-year-old now rather lovely in Roxy replacement has found.

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