Kristen Stewart Is a Trampire! : Will Ferrell

One after one pain hit Kristen Stewart’s heart. Until last day, Paparazzi are the main fears for the Twilight superstar Kristen Stewart. But now celebrities are also start to open their mouth about her cheating on Robz and relation with Rupert Sanders.

This time, the hilarious Will Ferrell give a comment for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the media at first. He delivered that speech last night on “Conan” TV show.

Kristen Stewart Is a Trampire

Kristen Stewart Is a Trampire Video

William Ferrell is asked that why he seems looked as sad, and then he started the topic of Kristen Stewart. He started like that, “She had a boy friend right… Robert Pattinson….and he already passed…and she cheated on him.

At the ending of that talk show, William screaming that “never gone be fine!!!….she is a trampire!!!”

Watch out the full video and share your opinion about William’s video on Kristen Stewart.


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