Kim Kardashian Divorce with Kris Humphries Turns Ugly!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries split themselves last year, but the effects are still showing on their regular life. Kim Kardashian filed for divorce with Kris, where she claimed that Kris is fraud, not careful to herself and her family. But since from divorce filing to till now Kris and his lawyer continued their voice against Kardashian that all the complains are false and it’s Kim, who just married Kris only for her reality show boost-up!

Kim Kardashian Divorce with Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian Divorce with Kris Humphries Turns Ugly!

According to TMZ, Kris and his lawyer want to expose the M.O. of Reality TV show where they proves that Kim had no intention to married Kris, if he had no value on Kim’s reality show. She just married him only for big ratings of her show.

Now by asking the judge they want to prove their point and allow TV stations and TMZ to broadcast the trail. But yet it is not confirmed that how they move forwards? Although Kris will face couple of problems with this issues. According to TMZ reports, following problems are probably faced by Kris

-Kris was proposed first time
-Kris took the advantage of Kim’s popularity to made him famous and broad his market
-Kim took prenup for long time. If she had planned for short-time married life, then why she doing that painful longtime process?


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