Kim Fells Nervous Over Kris Divorce Issues!

Superstar TV model and Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian fells nervous over his husband Kris Humphries divorce issues! But Kim was taking the first step to take divorce.

According to Hollywood Life, new rumors added just after hearing the news that Kris refuse to sign divorce papers. They said they, Kim falls in nervous breakdown while discussing about divorce issues. Kim maybe need some therapy also!, they also added.

 Kim kardashian fells nervous over kris Humphries divorce issues

Y Kim kardashian fells nervous over kris Humphries divorce issues

Hollywood Life source reported that day by day, Kim’s behavior has been erratic and walking alone around in daze. She might be live alone and doesn’t wish to hear anything from anyone.

Kim Kardashian’s sisters and friends tried to make her comfortable. She can’t sleep at night while she tried to sleep. It is confirmed now that Kim Kardashian is physically and emotionally exhausted. Kim needs to go out for change or go to rehab.

The Hollywood Life source also added that, there may be a video tap of Kim and Kris closely moment together which also keep the pressure up of Kim Kardashian’s mind. That’s also added extra pressure Kim’s nervous along with the divorce issues.


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