Katie Holmes Planned for Divorce from Tom Cruise

In the celebrities media Tom and Katie are now hot buzz for their upcoming split situation of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce where Katie decides first to leave Tom Cruise. But do know the secret of their split? People magazine said that, they find out the reason behind Holmes’s sudden decision.

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes had a plan to leave him, which Tom didn’t guess at all. Before she told about it, she rented a new apartment in New York City. Tom thought that was another reason. After hearing the news, he was too shocked but he had nothing to do at all.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce

According to People Magazine’s source, Katie continue the talking with Tom until she made the final attempt and still then she was telling Tom that, “I love you”. When she moved to China, no one make any contact with her. When new cell arrived, no one reach her, even not the number also.

When Katie returns home, she directly moved to the new apartment. She told Tom that, she was moving there just because of drive into the underground garage. Her father also arrived there to help her daughter clean the new rooms. Katie’s such activities never seem as an indicator that she was planning for this. Tom said that he had no idea about Katie Holmes’s divorce planning.

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