Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Divorce: Suri Becomes the Peacemaker

As we thought, Suri Cruise, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, now become the peacemaker between this high profile celebrity couple in Hollywood. After several days argue between the divorce lawyers of Tom and Katie, they may are now on the way of the divorce settlement.

But still the final decision is not making by any of them. We try to find out what is going on there. According to TMZ report, when Tom and Katie went for the settlement of the divorce, Suri becomes the key factor. No one decides who will take the responsibility of Suri’s life because both of them love her a lot.

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise

Last day, we said that, Tom clear about his situation about Suri Cruise that he never allow any compromise about her whether Katie wants to take Suri with her but Tom has the ability to meet with Suri when he returns from the film shooting. It should be noted that, it was Katie Holmes who planned for divorce at first .

Currently it may leading to a good ending, because Tom or Katie, none of them wants to make any stretch on little Suri’s mind. So whatever will be the final decision, we hope, that will be good for little Cruise. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hope again rethink about everything only for their child’s future.


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