Not Justin, but Someone Other is the Real Paternity of Yeater’s Baby!!!

After withdrawn the charge against the pop super star Justin Bieber paternity last day, the baby mama Mariah Yeater sent a text to one of her friend where she begging to him to erase an text in which Yeater’s mom says that not the Justin Bieber, but someone other person is the real baby’s daddy!!!

According to TMZ, this text was given by one of the Yeater’s friend who has been keep in touch with her regularly before the baby born on last 6th July, but he doesn’t wants to leak his name.

Justin Bieber Paternity Suit Result

Justin is not the Real Paternity of Yeater’s Baby!!! (Source TMZ)

Yeater’s text which she sent to his friend, she wrote to erase all the messages that sent her mom. Those texts stating that Yeater’s ex-boyfriend feather the baby!

Mariah sent all of those messages to his friend that finish with her Middle name, signature as Mariah Laci.

Justin Bieber Paternity Suit Result

Justin is not the Real Paternity of Yeater’s Baby!!!(Source TMZ)

One of Yeater’s message, she text to his friend that, “would you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son’s life?” according to TMZ Reports.
TMZ tells on his news that, Yeater’s friend already shared this text information to Justin Bieber’s lawyer Howard Weitzman.

Howard confirms TMZ that, those information proved that Justin never do such a guilty works, its just Yeater’s fabrication story to extort money from Justin and expose herself to the media!


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