iPhone Hidden Features with 5 Secret Keyboard & Panoramic

Apple iPhone have some secrets hidden features tips that naturally many users don’t know about. But one gets those if s/he tries to figure out the iPhone secrets.

Although new iPhone 4S includes lots of special and exciting features to the users but a proverb goes that, there’s nothing perfect to all in this entire universe.

iPhone Hidden Features iOS 5 Secret Keyboard Panoramic Photos

iPhone Hidden Features iOS 5 Secret Keyboard & Panoramic

New iPhone 4S with iOS 5 have some new hidden features figure out recently but those are little hard to implement. Like, iOS 5 has an alternative keyboard for users that includes spelling suggestions to you and a panorama camera mode.

This iPhone secrets tricks not requires hard method as like jailbreak. Here’s two links shows how you can tune your iPhone 3GS/ iPhone 4S with iOS 5 to get those tips on your phone.

Get Spelling Suggestions to your iPhone Keyboard
Take Panoramic Photos from the iPhone Camera

There are much more tips and tricks for iphone secret features which makes your iPhone turn into your choice function on that Smartphone. We will provide more hidden iPhone secret features to you.


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