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How many iPhone apps you use till now? Hope a lot, if you are the real iPhone’s fan. Now I will bring you a new iPhone free apps “Action Movie FX”, a new and adventurous apps which make you to build a high quality film video editor within a minute. 🙂

Action Movie FX is an video effects creating app which mainly focus on high quality of action movie effects. It is mainly to put some extra FX video effects on your video using your iPhone camera.

Action Movie FX
Action Movie FX

Action movie FX adds some cool and exciting video effects which are used in Hollywood movie randomly. You just need to shoot some perfect angle of video footage and then you can see how interesting it will be.
In the Action Movie FX free iPhone app you can only get two different effects for your iPhone camera. One is Missile Attack and another is Car Smash.

How Action Movie FX works on iPhone:

Action Movie FX makes you a Hollywood film maker. First of all you need to pick one of the FX visual effect and point out your iPhone camera at the suitable appearance which will be appropriate for the effect and records the video. There will be a on screen guide for you to show how you use Action Movie FX on iPhone.

After records, wait some time to let the app works on the recorded video and see the result!

Features of Action Movie FS App:

-HD sound system
-Faster and automatic video track
-Sound FX with Lens Flares
-2 different effects
-Social Share option

Two another effects will be available for purchase
-Tornado Action Bundle
-Chopper Down

Requirement for Action Movie FX

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S
Size: 15.1 MB
Language: English
Purchase Price: $0.99
Rating: 9+

Action Movie FX Screenshot

Action Movie FX Action Movie FX Action Movie FX Action Movie FX Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX Video on YouTube

Action Movie FX Download from App Store / iTunes

Action Movie FX Download

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