iPhone 5 Orders Confirmed by Foxconn

It’s now just waiting for Apple iPhone 5 release date announcement. Yes, Apple’s next big discovery on mobile device, iPhone 5 orders confirmed by China’s biggest mobile manufacturing company Foxconn who received the order of iPhone 5 from Apple. The local news media of China reporting about this and where Foxconn factory announced for recruiting 20,000 people for their big production plan.

Foxconn calls for this recruitment and they recruit them urgently. It seems that, Apple might wants to release their next iPhone 5 within this year. So it must be a great news for the Apple fans and if it is so, then everyone will reminds again the legend of the legend, Steve jobs, the founder of Apple.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 (Photo credit: tech2.in.com)

The next generation’s iPhone 5 is the most awaiting smart phones for every iPhone users. They just hunger for it. The new iPhone production will be a great issue for Foxconn. They setup 20 recruitment centers from where they select this huge man power to build the new iPhone. Although Apple or Foxconn, none of them officially confirmed about this news, but the local Chinese news from Taiyuan, Shanxi sure about that and thus they covering this news.

But what will be the top features of iPhone 5, how it costs, what will be its key features, how Apple modify their next version of iPhone, all of news related iPhone still undercover. Although rumors goes everywhere about the upcoming iPhone 5 and its features. As far we know, Apple kept of it’s mobile devices info and features (a-z) perfectly and hope this time this will not change.

Apple might informed officially about the iPhone 5 release date on the middle quarter of this year. So until then, keep waiting for Apple’s confirmation about the next generation’s super Smartphone, iPhone 5.


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