iPhone 5 Battery Image: See the Difference

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 battery image has been revealed in the web from 9to5Mac . They believed that this will be the next battery appears of iPhone 5. Along with other top iPhone 5 features, Apple also includes some extra modification on the battery also.

The new iPhone 5 battery size is quite large as expected. And thus we can hope that the battery life also be extended from the past iPhone 4S battery life. The new one holds 1440 mAh power which is larger than previous version in Iphone 4S (1430 mAh).

iPhone 5 Battery

iPhone 5 Battery [Credit: 9to5MAC]

The most interesting part of this iPhone 5 battery image, is the manufacturing date which indicates that it was created in June 2012. So it almost clears that the new iPhone 5 will come to us very soon. Although rumors go that it will release in September 2012.

Now it’s only a matter of time to grave the Apple’s next generation iPhone with 4-inch display and high quality of the camera (1136×640 resolution) and other cool features along with iOS 6. The battery has also include 30-pin dock which is Apple’s another creation.


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