iPad 3 Features Top 10 Review

Apple is ready to release their next iPad named with iPad 3. With lots of features of iPad 3, Apple set iPad 3 release date on March 7, 2012. So get ready to get your Apple iPad 3 after release it on that day.

Apple iPad 3 is also a challenge for Apple Inc. because Microsoft and Samsung also get prepared themselves to release their Tablet and Galaxy Tab 2 respectively. So before you decide which should better, then you must review the features of them.

Apple iPad 3

There are many more rumors around the internet world about Apple iPad 3 and its related features, release date and prices. But finally its time to reveal all of the secret iPad 3 features in front of you. Review the Apple iPad 3 features:

1. Retina Display
2. Siri
3. 4G support
4. The same price
5. Quad-core
6. A smaller option
7. More storage
8. Thunderbolt
9. A fix for the glare
10. New design


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