Get Introduced to PINK and Gun-Oil brands

If you are active in your physical relation, then you might already know about Empowered Products’ PINK and Gun-Oil brands, but if you don’t, there might be something you have missed. The products have been brought to the market to enhance your libido, make things go smoother and make you more confident. And now you can buy these products from the company directly or from any of their shelves in more than 21,000 retail outlets of the Big-3 U.S. drugstore chains.

PINK and Gun-Oil brands

PINK is meant for women to increase their playfulness as well as confidence and sense of pleasure and Gun-Oil is meant for men to enhance their enjoyment.

You can learn more about both products at and

“I am absolutely confident that once we put our products in the hands of a consumer, we will have a customer for life, “

says Scott Fraser from Empowered Products.

Empowered products is a global wellness and self-healing company, leader in bringing sexual lubricants into mainstream retail sector.

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post.


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