Free PC Cleaner for Windows or Mac


Free PC Cleaner makes conclusion with junk data on the hard drive and SSD. You don’t have to wait while with the maid on the spring but if you have installed flat, car and garden in the shot, you’ll be glad, how easily the PC clean with CCleaner & co. by the hand goes.

Spring cleaning for Windows is not necessary for theory. Garbage is already generated when you turn the computer on and who sits far to the box, accumulating more and more of them. This should not slow down but Windows, because the operating system tries with all sorts of tricks to keep the PC afloat. But this works, not always what you realize it that the box is simply no longer so good in wet as after the reinstallation. The second reason of the cleaning of Windows and makes sense is the waste of space with unused data, which is annoying especially on SSDs. Let it not come to that space is fully running or Windows is unusable. CCleaner helps quickly and with a few clicks of the mouse, track temporary files, eliminates any traces while surfing, and knows the data ballast of common applications, such as Office or VLC media player.

Create space on SSD and hard drive

A warning in advance: for PC cleaning in the chaos ends, you should have a fresh backup in any case. CCleaner does his work usually without side effects, but not always. If you have done this, run CCleaner, which immediately introduces you to his heart, the cleaning of Windows. Here you set with a used hooks, which accumulated data by The Internet – and Windows Explorer, as well as other system components, should be included in the cleaning process. You can use the default selection and right click on “Analyze”. Under the ‘Applications’ tab, CCleaner shows what he can find in the tools installed on residues. You should be careful here: for example, you can delete form data also stored in Firefox. But who uses the auto-fill Web forms, would not do that. Who wants to invest too much time should leave untouched the point “Expanded”. After a short pass, CCleaner displays how much space he can freely make. Click on “Run CCleaner” begins with the cleaning.

Beware of the registry

Most errors with CCleaner arise not delete temporary files, but the optimization of the registry. Here, click on “Check for errors” provides lots of problems that you can resolve can. It’s usually no speed increase. Our Tip: Save cleaning the registry. If it itches you but in the fingers, not only click “Fix errors”, but backing up the changes to the registry. Then, the opportunity to correct each entry individually or to skip gives you CCleaner. Go faster if you click on “All right”.

Note: A change to the registry is a deeper engagement in the system and can cause serious problems. These frequently show themselves until after a reboot, why some time should keep the backups. Determine difficulties, double click on the created backup file. The deleted information is written back to the registry.

Expand CCleaner

CCleaner is the most popular tuning tool at CHIP online. The extensive functions but still not enough who of CCleaner, which can add 1,000 more with CCEnhancer. The Setup is simple: CCEnhancer start and then click on the button “Download Latest”. CCEnhancer then fetches the latest configuration file. Let then run CCleaner via CCEnhancer. Then you can CCleaner as usual, but with advanced features, use. Who would like to take advantage of CCEnhancer, click on “Settings” and uses “Language” “English”. A reasonable setting is the auto-update. Under “Settings” you hook in the tab “Options” the entry “When starting Windows Update” off. Who wants to get rid of CCEnhancer, only removed the portable tool, an explicit uninstallation is not necessary.

Use tools

CCleaner offers some tools that are worth a visit under “Tools”. About the installed programs, see “Uninstall” and can out muck that you no longer use. This saves space and increases the security. Briefly, even when “Autostart”, you can browse what automatically starts with Windows. Spend there but not too much time, and the tuning is usually very little. More rewarding, this is already the area “Browser plugin”, through which you can manage the extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

Open source alternative BleachBit

It must be not always CCleaner. Which is most popular with our readers and we think he’s doing his job best, but also, BleachBit is worth a look. The open source tool is also available in a Portable Version, which is well made: there is neither a reservation nor an automatic. Users must choose which areas want to clean them. This is error Although laborious, minimized. Anyway, you should make a backup before deploying BleachBit. Nicely solved, BleachBit warns of unwanted deletions, such as when you want to empty the password memory of Firefox. To optimize, click “Preview” only. BleachBit rödelt longer than CCleaner, but then indicates how much space you can save. A click on “Clean” then does it. Also, BleachBit has built a Data Shredder to secure deletion. You can on files and directories targeted release or already released space to run. The “settings” under “Edit” are worth a visit. On the “General” tab, select the “cleaning settings of the community”. BleachBit fetches then similar to even broader program support as it makes CCEnhancer with CCleaner.

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